We like to thank all our supporters for making our
Summer School possible and empowering the next generation of scientists!
We like to thank all our supporters for making our
Summer School possible and empowering the next generation of scientists!


Joachim Herz Foundation "Begegnungszonen"

The Joachim Herz Foundation in Hamburg, Germany, promotes education, science, and research in economics and the natural sciences as well as the personal development of teens and young adults. In these areas we also fund small, innovative third-party projects. Additional funding is granted to support research projects in the fields of medicine, law and engineering technology as well as projects promoting the exchange between Germany and the United States. The Joachim Herz Foundation was founded in 2008 after the death of German entrepreneur Joachim Herz. It is one of the largest private foundations in Germany.

In the field of natural sciences, we support early-career researchers with the “Add-on Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Life Science” and also foster the professional exchange between researchers with “Begegnungszonen”, our funding program for scientific and interdisciplinary events. Learn more 


Charité 3R is an infrastructure of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin that wants to strengthen the implementation of the 3Rs principle in research and education. The aim is to improve translational research and animal welfare. The fields of action of Charité 3R comprise the three pillars of communication, education & support and research. Through communication, Charité 3R raises awareness of the 3R principles in the scientific community and provides transparent information about animal experiments and alternative methods. The pillar education & support aims to offer young researchers further training opportunities on alternative methods and to support researchers in applying the 3Rs principles. Through the research pillar, a wide range of scientific projects dealing with one or more of the 3Rs areas are funded through various funding lines. Learn more

AniMatch UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

AniMatch is an online sharing-platform facilitating the exchange of organs and tissues of lab animals used for scientific purposes. Therefore, we aim at enabling scientists to connect and share organs and tissue. This inspires responsible use of a valuable biological resource and effectively reduces animal usage. AniMatch is available in Europe and open for universities, private institutes and companies. In addition, AniMatch has a great interest in supporting early career investigators by sponsoring different networking oppertunities – Sharing is caring! Learn more

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine — PCRM

The Physicians Committee is a nonprofit organization that promotes alternatives to animal use in research, testing, and education. The Physicians Committee is leading the way in urging scientists to replace the use of animals with human cells, tissues, and other human-relevant models in medical research and works extensively with government and industry to replace the use of animal tests with modern methods to test the safety of cosmetics, chemicals, pesticides, drugs, and other products. Through lobbying, publishing research, training scientists, and attending and conducting scientific meetings, the Physicians Committee is dedicated to the goal of eliminating the use of animal testing and research across the globe.

The Physicians Committee’s Early-Career Researchers Advancing 21st Century Science (ERA21) program is working to speed up progress in ethical and effective scientific research by creating a new generation of scientists who utilize and champion nonanimal methods of research. The ERA21 program aims to increase the understanding of the scientific benefits of using human-relevant research practices, educate emerging scientists about the wide range of modern methods available, and connect them with opportunities in this field. Learn more.

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